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Find local Haitian restaurants, local shops and cultural events right in your area.

Featured Haitian Restaurant: Alberte's Restaurant

Located in Lake Worth, Florida - One of the best Haitian Restaurants in South Florida.

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Download our mobile app to take us with you on the road. Read online reviews of local businesses, post your experience and tell your friends.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Outdoor Restaurant

Explore Florida and support Haitian businesses in your neighborhood or across town.

Found a great place to eat ?

Don't keep it to yourself! Tell us about it and and we will add it to our list.

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Little Haiti Cultural Center

The Little Haiti Cultural Center offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to gain exposure to Afro-Caribbean culture. Visit today!

Family Road Trip - Mini Vacation

Travelling across Florida ? Take Florida509.com with you on the road to discover some of the best in Haitian dining and cultural landmarks on the way.

Lake Worth, Florida - Alberte's Caribbean Restaurant

Specializes in authentic Haitian cuisine and provides the highest level of quality dishes to its customers.

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We have assembled Florida's best in Haitian Cuisine for you to explore.  Whether you live in Miami or in Orlando, we will navigate you to the best in town.

Art Galleries & Museums

Expand your knowledge of Haitian art and culture while supporting the artist industry locally and in Haiti.

Local Events

Support various local events and actively participate to learn more about Haiti and ways that you can help.


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Florida509.com launches new web site !  Click here to learn what Florida509 is all about.


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Stay informed about local Florida news and recent events in Haiti.  Connect online with The Miami Herald, AlterPress and more.


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Don't miss another local event !  Florida509 had captured all of the popular local Florida events in our easy to use Events Calendar.

Welcome to Florida509.com!   Your Local Haitian Destination

Thanks for stopping by Florida509.com!  At Florida509 our goal is to provide our web visitors with the best that Florida has to offer in terms of an authentic Haitian experience.  Throughout the state of Florida there are numerous restaurants, art galleries, museums and cultural activities that will allow you to experience the best of what Haiti has to offer first hand in Florida.

Whether you are already a Florida resident, visiting from out of state or a tourist from another country, Florida509 will help you gain knowledge and develop an understanding about Haitian culture, history and the spirit that drives Haitian community.  Florida 509 is all about capturing the essence of connecting with people, sharing with others and learning from one another's experience.

Who We Are
Who We Are - Florida509
  Florida509 is a information management company specializing in showcasing the best that Haiti has to offer across the state of Florida.  Florida509 is managed by a group of small business entrepreneurs based in Florida dedicated to help individuals to learn, understand and connect with Haitian culture through food, art, music and more!

Mobile Products
Florida509 Mobile Apps
  Florida509 has developed a series of mobile apps that will help users connect with Haitian restaurants, art galleries, museums, various groups and cultural events based on current location.  To learn more about our mobile apps, please click here.

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Arts & Entertainment
  Stay informed about the latest art exhibits, cultural expos and the most popular Haitian music bands that are playing right here in Florida! 

Having Fun - Florida509
  Learn more about Haitian cuisine, share online recipes, obtain health & fitness tips and learn more about the  featured shopping venues around Florida.

Helping the Community - Florida509.com
  We have organized a list of local Haitian churches, community centers, employment sites, radio stations, volunteer opportunities, social services, non-profit organizations and a profiles for our Hero of the Week showcase.

Florida509 Blog
Florida509 Blog
  Join the conversation and comment on our blog.  Our blog focuses on a variety of topics that are of interest within the Florida Haitian community.

Haitian News
  Keep informed about the local Florida news as well as news information directly on the ground in Haiti.

  Bookmark the Florida509 calendar events page to find local activities that you and your family can participate in across Florida.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about the exiting things that you can become a part of across state of Florida.

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